Solar Lighting

Make an Instant Impression with Solar Lighting

Modernize Your Property’s Appearance While Improving Safety with Solar Lighting

PDM Funding is always looking out for opportunities to help our clients improve their return on investment, and we’re happy to present yet another bright idea. Solar lighting may be a simple means of enhancing your property’s value and overall aesthetic. Harnessing the sun’s power will save you money while protecting the environment.

Solar lights typically include solar panels embedded into their casing. The panels recharge lithium-ion batteries during the day to ensure sufficient power for overnight lighting. Solar lights come equipped with infrared sensors and, in some cases, motion detectors that turn them on and off when needed.

While most property owners appreciate the energy savings from solar systems, one shouldn’t overlook the added efficiency of solar lighting installation and maintenance. Since a power grid connection is unnecessary, property owners can install sun-powered lighting virtually anywhere while avoiding the added expense of maintaining wired connections.

Available Solar Lights

PDM funding can secure a variety of solar lighting options for your property. We offer Solar LED Bollard Lights for walkways and paths, Solar LED Garden Street Lights for roads, trails, and open areas, Solar Wall Lights for placement on building exterior walls, Solar LED Pillar Lights for guardrails, fencing, and pillars. We even offer portable Solar LED Flood Lights for emergency or project usage.

Download our complete Solar Lighting Catalogue.

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