Bridge Loans

Stabilize cash flow while securing long term financing

Protect Your Cash Flow and Grow Your Business With Bridge Financing

If your company needs short term capital, Ponce D. Moody Funding can be a trusted ally. We can help you secure the financing necessary to grow and sustain your business without compromising immediate cash flow. Even if your bank has already turned you down, we may be able to identify bridge financing for your company.

A bridge loan can help your company stabilize cash flow while securing long term financing or expediting immediate expansion opportunities. Loans of up to $100 million plus are available, and we can often close in as little as two weeks.

Bridge loans are available for time-sensitive needs, including:

  • Business expansion
  • Construction completion
  • Partner buyouts
  • Value add
  • Distressed or transitional borrowers
  • Bankruptcy relief
  • Interest only for 6 months to 5 years

How to Apply for a Bridge Loan

Please give us a call to discuss your unique situation. Together we will come up with the best approach. Bridge Lenders have different criteria as well as property interest.

Multi Family Properties are the most attractive for Bridge Lenders. However there are Lenders that provide loans for Hospitality, Strip Malls, Office Complexes, Manufacturers, Medical Industry, Car Dealerships and other Income Producing Properties.

Contact us today for a confidential funding review.

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