Equipment Financing

Equipment purchase funding for any industry

Secure the Tools of Your Trade With Equipment Financing

To remain competitive, many small to medium-sized businesses often need to purchase expensive yet necessary equipment. A restaurant may require specialized ovens, an HVAC company may want to expand or upgrade its fleet of service vehicles, or a construction company might secure a deal that calls for additional heavy equipment. Regardless of your industry or need, we can help you choose the perfect funding solutions to keep your company moving forward.

Equipment financing covers the cost of business machinery and often requires placing a lean on purchased items. We have access to multiple financing options for virtually any business and can work with you to identify the ideal solution for your equipment purchase. We even originate loans for businesses with challenged credit.

Additionally, our partners can leverage existing equipment to buttress cash flow and supplement strained capital reserves.

Equipment Acquisition

Ponce D. Moody Funding can originate equipment loans for as little as $25,000 or as much as $3 million or more. We even accommodate application-only approval for loans up to $200,000. Terms of up to 72 months are available.

We can also help credit-challenged clients gain funding, although additional collateral may be necessary for borrowers with a FICO score below 600.

Secured Sale-Leaseback

We can also leverage equipment, real estate, or other wholly-owned assets to help your company generate additional working capital. Our partners offer sale-leaseback programs in which your business sells equipment or other assets to the lender, who in turn leases the sold assets back to your business.

Our partners can provide leaseback terms up to 60 months and make financing available to credit-challenged owners or organizations. Sale-leasebacks can equip your company with cash of up to 70% of your real estate’s value or 75% of your equipment or other assets’ liquidation value. Sale-leasebacks allow your business to continue operating with a boost in short-term capital.

How to Get Started

If your business needs to purchase equipment or leverage existing assets to boost cash flow, contact Ponce D. Moody Funding today. Even if traditional lenders have already turned you down, we might be able to help. Contact us today so we can help get your business on the road to success.

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