Equity Partnerships

Secure necessary capital and scale up quickly

Fund Your Commercial Real Estate Development With an Equity Partnership

While there are many reasons to consider using equity partnerships to fund your real estate investment, some of the most attractive include the ability to scale up quickly and access multiple levels of expertise.

Equity partnerships are available to fund your entire operation or to finance specific deals. Additionally, equity financing is often available to entrepreneurs who, for whatever reason, are unable to secure traditional debt financing. Ponce D. Moody Funding can help your business identify and secure equity partnership funding for your company. As our slogan states, “If the bank says ‘no,’ give us a call.”

Support Beyond Funding

Beyond new funding for your real estate purchase, equity partnerships often provide real estate entrepreneurs with invaluable expertise, an added perk especially beneficial to new investors. Our partners can support your investment with everything from market surveys and feasibility studies to advertising assistance.

Real estate investors, especially individual operators, sometimes struggle to access a wide range of expertise. The brightest and most sophisticated business people possess unique skillsets and are willing to rely on others for specialized knowledge when necessary. Such support is where our equity partners add a layer of value that traditional lenders cannot provide.

Scale Quickly

Equity investors are always looking for successful operational partners who consistently deliver returns on investment. Because of this demand, new investors can scale up quickly, adding tens, hundreds, or even thousands of rental units in a few years. As you establish a track record of success, additional equity partnership opportunities may present themselves with increasingly favorable terms.

How to Get Started

As an originator of loans and equity financing, Ponce D. Moody Funding is well-equipped to help launch or grow your real estate business. We are here to help you complete the applications, identify compatible partnership opportunities, and secure the necessary funding for your purchase or refinance. Contact us today to get started.

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